Car rental in Zwolle

Are you looking for a cheap rental car in Zwolle? rents all its vehicles with unlimited mileage so you only pay for the (very low) rent and of course the used fuel.

Cheapest car rental in Zwolle

At the moment, we offer four different cars. A Renault Twingo, a Citroën C3, a Susuki Alto and a Renault Clio diesel. All of these cars have liability insurance and roadside assistance.

Car rental conditions

  1. All our rentals go according to's terms and conditions.
  2. Fuel costs are not included in the rental rates.
  3. Minimal age for rental is 21.
  4. Both a valid identification (ID-card or passport) and a valid driver's license are mandatory.
  5. Before a car is released for rental, a customer will be asked to swipe an amount of € 0.01.
  6. All provided documents and data will be checked with Rental Check and Crimimail.
  7. All vehicles are equipped with a Track & Trace tracking device.
  8. Terms and conditions apply to all forms of reservations, be it e-mail, via telephone or orally.
  9. Reservations for more than 5 days are only definite if a payment of at least 25% has been received by

Note: If you are in need of replacement transport in another country because of car failure, you may be asked for a credit card.

Our car rental process page is in Dutch, so tourists are advised to make reservations via e-mail or telephone.
Telephone: ​+31 6 1500 1500
* Km vrij is niet voor personenauto's, al onze prijzen zijn inclusief 21% BTW en WA verzekering.